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Zhang Jike Wins World Championships For Second Year In a Row

At the young age of 25, Chinese-borne Zhang Jike recently came away with his second first place title in the world championships men’s singles. This is an astounding feat for anyone to accomplish, but it’s especially notable given Jike’s young age.

As some people may already know, the 2013 table tennis world championships just wrapped up earlier this month. The event was held in Paris, France and drew some of the best table tennis players from all across the world. Like all of the previous championships before it, the 2013 championships featured a total of five events – men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

It’s important to note that the table tennis world championships aren’t held annually, but rather every other year instead. The last championship was held back in 2012, and guess who came away with first place in men’s singles? Yep, it was none other than Zhang Jike.

Zhang Jike was forced to go up against long-time opponent Wang in the final men’s singles match. During the third game, it looked as if Wang would come away with a win, but Jike quickly retaliated by gaining the lead and momentum. Ultimately, Jike can away with the win, making it the second in a row for the young table tennis star.

Of course, Jike was quite humble about when asked about his win at the 2013 world championships. He responded, “For me there is no loser, the most important thing was to enjoy the match and I did that.” If more people had the same attitude as Jike, I think the world of professional table tennis would be a better all-around place.

Wang was also a good sport despite having lost the final event to Jike. Wang claimed he was just happy to make it to the finals. In any case, it’s certainly an accomplishment to make it this far during the men’s singles at the world championships. When you are faced with the best players from around the world, you have to feel good about making it to the finals, and that’s exactly the type of mentality Wang had going into it.

If you want to catch the next world championships, you’ll have to wait until the spring season of 2015. I know this a quite a ways off, but the world championships only come once every other year. Keep your eyes out on Jike, though, as he’s turning heads in the table tennis industry.