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Common Mistakes Made When Playing a Doubles Match

Most table tennis tournaments feature both singles and doubles matches for players to compete in. As the name suggests, a singles match is where two players face compete against each other on opposite ends of the table. In a doubles match, however, there are two 2-person teams competing against each other. If you’ve never played in a doubles match, you’ll naturally have a disadvantage due to its unique nature. To help you get started on the right foot, keep reading to learn what some of the most common mistakes are during a doubles match.

Mistake #1 – Not Serving Correctly

In a doubles match, you must remember to always serve the ball diagonally across the table; otherwise, you will forfeit a point. This is an all-too-common mistakes that players make in doubles matches. I know this rule is different than traditional singles, but you must get into the habit of following this rule if you want to win. Assuming you are standing on the right side of the table, you would serve to the left on the opposite end of the table (your opponents’ right side).

Mistake #2 – Poor Communication

You can’t expect to have any level of success during doubles matches unless you communicate with your partner. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean shouting out commands that your opponents can hear, but instead consider using hand signals. You can use behind-the-back hand signals to tell your partner where exactly you are going to serve the ball. Before the match starts, go over the hand signals with your partner so you both know what to expect. This alone will give you a huge advantage during a doubles match.

Mistake #3 – Not Thinking Ahead

Whether it’s a singles or doubles match, the sport of table tennis is all about thinking ahead and planning upcoming moves. However, this is especially true in doubles matches, as you need to plan ahead for your partner to successfully return the ball. When you serve or return the ball towards your opponents’ side of the table, try to land it in a position that will give your partner a better chance of hitting. By making it easier on your partner, the two of you will naturally have a better chance at scoring a point.

After reading these mistakes, you should have a better understanding of what not to do during a doubles match. Just remember to keep the lines of communication open and always think several moves ahead.