Tennis Kick Serve

For new beginners to polish and improve their tennis skills they have to largely rely on the kick serve that are varied. For instance the
slice serve due to its high probability variable, low risk serve should
be used while playing tennis by beginners. The kick serve is popularly
referred to as the topspin serve or twist serve. This technique yields a
considerably significant topspin on the ball.

A point to note is that if the serve is administered correctly then
the ball will bounce high thus giving the player an advantage over his
opponent. T o be a master of this technique it requires constant
practice of at least 55 serves every day so as to maintain consistent
first serve. A tennis player needs certain equipment to be able to
perfect the kick serve technique. This equipment includes:

  • Tennis racket
  • Tennis balls
  • Tennis court.

Important information to adhere to is to stand on the baseline of the
tennis court facing the right net post or left net post for the
left-handed. Position your right foot behind the left foot with the toe
of the right foot on the baseline. Bend the knees before swinging.

Throw the ball relatively high above your racket then fully extend
your arm slightly above your head this will help you to twist your wrist
and achieve the appropriate spin required to hit the kick serve. Hit
the ball after tossing it and bring the tennis racket behind your back
near the rear of your head. Wait until the right opportune time to hit
the ball when it is at the highest point. Learn to stand firmly and try
reaching as high as you can with the racket.

Slightly turn your wrist as you move up your arm to swing the ball,
this momentum is quiet similar to that of throwing a soccer ball. This
will create topspin and you will hit the ball when it is at its highest.
Most significantly is to always keep your head up and look at the
direction where the ball is going, to avoid hitting the ball into the

Also a player is required to stretch before the serving to avoid any
incidents of injury. Always keep a close watch of the tennis ball and
the specific spot you take each strike for an estimate of half a second
for the kick serve.