How To Safely Transport Your Table Tennis Blade

In the sport of table tennis, the blade is your most valuable tool and asset. Even if there are “extra” blades available for competitors to use, chances are they won’t have the same feel as your own personal blade. This is why it’s important to always play with your own personal blade. Unfortunately, however, far too many table tennis athletes damage or lose their blade during transportation, forcing them to play with a temporary blade. So, how are you supposed to prevent this from happening? Keep reading and we’ll reveal some tips on how to safely transport a table tennis blade.

Invest In a Racket Case

An accessory that every serious table tennis player should invest in is a racket case. As the name suggests, these are cases designed specifically for protecting your blade from damage. You can find them available for sale starting at just $10 bucks, which is a small price to pay for the protection of your favorite blade.

When you are shopping for a racket case, pay close attention to the material it’s made of. Some of the cheaper materials may rip and tear under stress; therefore, offering little to no protection for your table tennis blade. A strong vinyl bad with a zipper on top offers a simple and effective way to protect your blade form exterior damage.

Something else you should consider when shopping for a racket case is the size. You’ll find certain cases are designed with just enough room for a standard-sized blade, while others are designed with additional room. If you have more than one blade, it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and invest in an oversized racket case. The additional room will allow you to transport multiple blades in one bag.

Watch Your Blade!

The golden rule of playing table tennis is to never let your blade leave your sight. All it takes is a split second for someone’s mistake to accidentally damage or even destroy your favorite mistake. Instead of sitting your blade down on the table, try to get into the habit of placing it in your pocket. The few seconds it takes to do so could potentially save your blade from destruction.

Of course, blades are also known to get stolen at table tennis matches. With some blades costing several hundred dollars a piece, you can see why thieves would target them. Unless you want to cough up an extra couple hundred dollars for a new blade, always keep yours in sight.