India Dominating 2013 Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships

India isn’t a country known for their exceptional table tennis stars, but that is likely to change as they continue to dominate their way up the rankings at the 2013 Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships. Whether you are a professional table tennis player or someone who enjoys watching others play, you have to appreciate all of the hard work and dedication this team has put forth this year at the Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships. They’ve managed to shock and amaze nearly everyone who thought they would be knocked by after the first few rounds. So, just how good is India doing? Keep reading for a closer look at the 2013 Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships.

“India has improved a lot in the last 10 years. You have a bigger pool of players to choose from. Even the women are in contention for medals. It was not the case earlier,” said the head of Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships Mr. Ransome.

As some of you may already know, the 2013 Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships is currently underway in India. This is the first time the country has hosted the event since 1987. Of course, many people write them off as an “easy win” during the tournaments, which could be the reason why they don’t frequently host the event. In any case, they’ve definitely turned things around this year, as they continue knocking out their opponents.

Just days ago, India’s mens’ team went into the semifinal round with England. Although it was a neck-and-neck match, India came away with an impressive 3-2 win over England. At this same time, India’s womens’ team were finally knocked out with a 2-3 score in the final, giving them a bronze medal finish.

So, who is India going up against in the finals? It’s actually the same team they played against in the semifinals at the 19th Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships – Singapore. It’s no secret that Singapore has some amazingly talented and skilled table tennis players, so team India is going to have their work cut out for them. However, they’ve already accomplished an amazing feat by making it this far in the tournament. Even if they lose, they’ll still go home winners with a silver medal finish.

The 2013 Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships final between India and Singapore is happening today. It’s still too early to report on any news surrounding the event, but check back with us to find out who the winner is.