Video: Ping Pong Cannon Demolishes Watermelon

Think you’ve got a fast table tennis serve that makes it difficult for your opponents to hit? Well, check out this video below of a ping pong ball shooting out of a PVC cannon at a speed of 800+ mph only to demolish a full watermelon sitting in front of it. It’s hard to imagine that a basic ping pong ball could possesses enough force to quite literally vaporize a watermelon, but it does.

Before you check out the video, let me first say that the standard 40 mm ping pong ball only weight 2.7 grams. After playing the sport for a while, you’ll quickly realize just how light these balls are. Watching one free fall from a tall building would likely take several minutes because of it’s low weight. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking ping pong balls are any less powerful when shot directly out of a high-pressured cannon. The video below will show you just how much force a 2.7 gram ball can have under the right circumstances.

As part of a hands-on project, Boy Scouts in Des Moines, Iowa were given the task of building a PVC cannon capable of shooting out a standard ping pong ball. Using approximately 10 feet of PVC pipe fitted with a CO2 tank, they were able to successfully construct one serious ping pong cannon. What they didn’t expect, though, was how much force it would create.

The first part of the video shows the cannon being used on an empty Coke can. Of course, it shoots straight through the can with so much speed that you can’t even see the ball. Once the smoke clears, a shredded can that looks like it was hit with a shotgun blast is revealed. The Boy Scouts and their pack leader then decide to take it up a notch by aiming the cannon at a full watermelon. Let’s just say the results are both shocking and amusing.

In the video, you can see the Boy Scouts holding their hands over their ears for protection against the loud noise of the cannon. They are also wearing protective glasses to prevent any debris from flying into their ears, which is probably a good idea considering how much impact the cannon has. You really can’t see the ping pong ball coming out of the cannon, but you do see the watermelon getting exploding while spraying the kids down with juice. It’s a pretty astounding video to say the least.