Tips For Improving Your Hand-Eye Coordination

Table tennis is a sport that places a great emphasis on hand-eye coordination. Unless you are able to master this skill, you can’t expect to have any level of success in the sport. This is apparent by sitting in and watching just about any professional-league match with two opponents batting the ball back and forth. As a beginner, trying to learn that concepts and principles behind this skill can be difficult to say the least. If you are still having difficulty with it, keep reading and we’ll reveal some essential tips for improving hand-eye coordination on the ping pong table.

What Is Hand-Eye Coordination?

First and foremost, let’s take a look at what exactly hand-eye coordination is, as some people are still in the dark regarding its definition. While some people may have their own definitions of the term, the basic concept is that it’s the coordination between what you see and how you react with your hands. For instance, your eyes will see the ball traveling towards your side of the table, but it’s your hands that must react to hit and return the back back to your opponent. This is a prime example of hand-eye coordination and how it operates.

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

A common mistake beginners make is taking their eye off the ball once it reaches their side of the table. Just because you see and know where the ball is doesn’t mean you should take your eyes off it. Instead, keep focused on the ball and make the necessary movements with your hands to return it back to your opponent. It might be difficult to blindly return the ball using the proper technique at first, but you’ll eventually learn to do it without looking.

Solo Practice

Contrary to what some people may believe, you don’t need an actual opponent to practice hand-eye coordination in table tennis. As long as you have a table and a paddle, you can perform some basic drills to improve your skill level. If you are interested in hand-eye coordination drills, simply back up your table against a solid wall and hit the ball with moderate force. Once the ball bounced against the table and comes back, return it again. Continue doing this drill for 15-20 minutes while keeping your eyes fixated on the ball. It’s a simple drill that will greatly improve your hand-eye coordination by keeping you focused on the ball and not your paddle or the opponent.