Susan Sarandon Brings Table Tennis To Dubai

Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon recently announced plans to open up a new SPiN table tennis club in Dubai. This should come as welcomed news to not only residents, but also for tourists who frequently visit the country. Up until now, table tennis in Dubai has been relatively small scale sport with few people participating in it. Susan Sarandon and her professional team at SPiN hope to change this with the new club they are opening.

What Is SPiN?

If this is your first time hearing about SPiN, let me give you a quick overview on the club. At first glance, some people might assume that it’s just your ordinary table tennis club where people can go to compete against other like-minded individuals. If you’ve ever stepped inside one of the half a dozen or so clubs, you’ll quickly realize just how different it is. SPiN clubs are designed to be as luxurious and accommodating as possible. While the exact amenities and features varies from club to club, some of them have valet parking, professional chefs, dance rooms, live DJs and much more. Of course, this is all centered around different rooms with table tennis matches going on simultaneously.

SPiN was originally founded by Susan Sarandon, Jonathan Bricklin, Franck Raharinosy and Andrew Gordon back in 2009. The team originally planned to open a club only in New York City, but their plans quickly changes after the initial club was such a success. It wasn’t long before SPiN clubs were opened in Los Angeles, Toronto and Milwaukee, all of which were an instant hit among both amateur and professional table tennis players.

SPiN In Dubai

Although there’s no official date set for the opening of the new Dubai SPiN club, Sarandon reported that it’s nearing completion. This latest club will have some of the most luxurious features of any SPiN club, such as a nightclub, professional chef focusing on international food, 3 bars and 11 full-sized ping pong tables. What’s even more impressive, though, is the fact that one of the tables is made from gold. Now, that’s a serious ping pong table!

As you can see, this is going to be one serious ping pong club once it’s opened. With gold tables and 3 full sized bars, what more could you ask for? However, we’ll have to wait to see what kind or reviews it gets once it’s opened. Keep your eyes peeled and hopefully we’ll have new developments within the next few months.