Avoid Thesse All Too Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Playing Table Tennis

Like most sports, table tennis requires lots of practice and dedication to master. If you aren’t willing to put forth the effort to constantly practice and work on improving your abilities, you simply can’t expect to have any level of success with the sport. As a newcomer to table tennis, though, you’ll want to avoid some of these common mistakes. This alone will place you miles ahead of the rest, while giving you the upper-hand.

Use Your Body

Probably the single most common mistake beginners make when playing table tennis is not using their entire body. From afar, it appears as if the sport only requires you to hit the ball using your arm and wrist. Once you start placing, however, you’ll quickly realize just how important it is to move your body around. When you are placing, try to get into the habit of moving your body and hitting the ball in a fluid motion. This may seem a little awkward at first, but it’s necessary to learn the proper way to hit return the ball.

Change Things Up!

Personally, I love playing against an opponent who serves and returns the ball in the same spot each time. As you can expect, this makes it easy to guess where the ball is going, increasing the chance that I’ll be able to hit it. To keep your opponent on his or her heels, you must constantly change up your serves and returns. Don’t allow yourself to grow complacent by landing the ball in the same area each time. Your opponent will soon catch on and realize your tactic; therefore, it’s imperative that you keep changing things up with varying directions and speed.


I can’t stress enough just how important it is to have backspin on your ball. A ball with good backspin will confuse your opponent, making it difficult for them to return it back. In addition, it may also trick your opponent into thinking the ball will land in a different area. As a beginner, trying to learn the ropes of good backspin can be difficult to say the least. The key is to practice and learn a good rhythm for your serves and returns. With lots of practice, you’ll soon have a killer backspin that your opponents fears.

Stay Loose

Table tennis is a sport that requires a loose body to move around freely. If you remain tense and tight, there’s simply no way you’ll be able to return the ball in a fluid manner. For this reason, it’s recommended that you get into the habit of loosening your body and muscles.