14-Year Table Tennis Prodigy Tina Lin

It never ceases to amaze me just how young some of the most skillful table tennis players are nowadays. 14-year old Tina Lin from Edison High School in New Jersey is one such prodigy who’s making quite a new for herself in the sport. While she’s still two years away from getting her driver’s license, she’s already managed to secure a spot at the world table tennis championship.

Most classmates and friends of Tina’s will agree that she’s a soft-spoken individual who doesn’t seem like an aggressive competitor. However, this quickly changes once she picks up a paddle in front of the table. With a blade and ball in her hand, Tiny is instantly transformed into a ping pong machine, which is apparent to anyone watching her play. Shes exceptionally agile and quick, as the she moves her body from side-to-side while making adjustments to reach the ball.

When asked about her table tennis abilities, Tina responded by saying it was all in the mind. If you think about where the ball is going and use your body to connect with it, you’ll have success on the table. Of course, Tina makes it sound and look easy, but her opponents will say otherwise. She’s known to beat opponents twice her age with ease, which is one of the reasons why so many people in the industry are taking notice of her.

Tina Lin isn’t a newcomer to table tennis tournaments. Not long ago, she participated in the national championships in San Diego, California. Although she didn’t come away with the first place trophy, she still finished with an impressive fifth place. Also, it’s important to note that Tina was the youngest player to compete at the national championships.

The 2013 table tennis word championships will begin next month in Paris, France. Tina is set to compete with team USA as the youngest player, and coach’s are optimistic about her talent and skills. In fact, many people believe she’s on a direct road to becoming an Olympic table tennis star.

Whether or not Tina makes it to the Olympics is still up for discussion. She’s only 14 years old and that creates problems of its own. She must juggle school, family, homework, and then try and make time to practice playing table tennis. In China, kids practice for 8 or more hours a day, but Tina doesn’t have this luxury. Stay tuned and check back with us form more detail about Tina and her path to the world championships.