Top 3 Ping Ping Movies

Looking for a good movie to kick back and watch on a nice and relaxing evening? If you are a table tennis player, you should check out some of the follow movies listed below. While there are over a dozen flicks centered around the sport of table tennis, we’ll reveal our top three picks. So, grab a bucket of popcorn, take off your shoes and press the play button to see why these are ranked as the top 3 ping pong movies of all time!

#3 – As One

As One is a little gem that a lot of people here in the states have never even heard of. It was originally filmed and released in South Korea where it blew open box office sales right behind Marvel’s “The Avengers.” So, what’s the premise of this highly popular ping pong movie? As One focuses around the first unified South and North Korea world table tennis championships back in 1991. This movie is filled with drama, action and a great (true) story that propels it to number three on our list. For this reason, we highly recommend you check it out!

#2 – Forest Gump

How can we talk about ping pong movies mentioning Forest Gump? I know this move wasn’t entirely centered around the sport, but it still played a pretty critical role in it. During the move, Gump (played by Tom Hanks) discovers his uncanny ability to play ping pong while he’s serving in the US Army. He continues playing ping pong and eventually wins several championship titles. Using the money he won from his ping pong endeavors, Gump purchases a shrimp fishing boat named “Jenny.” This is of course leads to a whole new story of its own.

#1 – Balls of Fury

Our pick for the top ping pong movie of all time is Balls of Fury. Released back in 2007, this movie stars Dan Fogler, Christopher Walken, George Lopez and Maggie Q. You are sure to get lots of laughs from watching Balls of Fury, as it’s pretty comical from start to end. The beginning of them movie shows a young Randy Daytona playing in a table tennis tournament at the 1988 Summer Olympics. His father placed a great deal of money on the game but unfortunately Daytona hits his head and loses the tournament; thus, resulting in loan sharks coming after his father and killing him. The move then fast forwards to present day where Daytona teams up with an FBI agent to take down an underground table tennis ring.